Functions of Electronic Components & Circuit Board Manufacturing

Circuit Board Manufacturing Specializes in circuit board manufacturing and PCB Assembly, including Single Layer, Double Layer, PCB circuit boards, manufacturing  Electronic components. Functions of Electronic Components The basic electronic components are divided into two main groups: Active and Passive. The Passive elements are those that do not require any power to operate or are unable […]

Printed Circuit Board Material & Types of SMDs

Printed Circuit Board Material & Types of SMDs Specially professional of Printed Circuit Board Material like Hdi To 3+, Stacked Micro Vias, Copper Filled, Blind/Buried Vias, Sequential Lamination, Via‐in‐pad, Conductive Or Non‐conductive Fill, Special Materials, Hybrid Constructions, Metal Back Pcb And Heat Sinks, Heavy Copper Up To 6 Oz Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) are similar in function than their Thru-Hole […]