Role of Electronic Components in a Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The electronic components which sum up together to make a Printed Circuit Board Assembly, are used to serve the different functions to perform a certain task. In this article we will try to explain in the easiest way the role of some basic electronic components.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly


We use the resistors in a PCB or other electronic device to resist the flow of current. But a quick thing comes in mind that why we are choking our own throat. The reason of current restriction is that sometimes the current is so big that the components like LEDs can’t bear it. Therefore we have to block some of the current.


Capacitors are the batteries which can store the very small charge. They are more or small like a battery, it can charge or discharge. The capacitors are usually used to create a time delay in circuit boards, for example to blink a light.

Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs):

Light Emitting Diode or LED serves two main purposes. It is used to check that the PCB boards whether is showing any output (in the form of light). Moreover; it is also used to give colorful image to your pc boards.


The transistors serve many things. They are sometimes used to increase the current flow that is those used in the Amplifiers. Sometimes they are used as a switch (to turn on and off the current). For NPN Transistors, the switch becomes ON when you pass 0.7 voltage thru the transistor.


The inductors are opposite to the capacitors. It serves a basic function of opposing the Alternating Currents (AC) in the series and allows the Direct Current (DC) to flow thru the Printed Circuit Board or any other type of electronic device.


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