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  1. One of the risks associated with buying online and offline is about the product origin. Nobody wants the products that are less in quality. The main advantage of buying from us is that we have the products that are solely made in USA. Also, the sub-parts are supplied from the USA vendors.


  1. The online shopping and buying trend is spreading like a virus. But we, unlike other Printed Circuit Board sellers, do not take the advance money before the right item is delivered to you. Moreover; if you are not satisfied with any of our product or service, we offer the full money back guarantee.


  1. In the to the mark in regards of the quality. Well; we have been following the International Standard of Quality (IPC-II) ever since our company existed and started serving the people.


  1. Most of the time the customer wants the thing as soon as possible, so it is very annoying for the buyer to wait for the product to reach. In this way,we h ave the most advanced logistics system. You will get the right thing at the right time. There will be no custom delays.


  1. We have the wide range of Printed Circuit Boards starting from single layer till up to 70 layers. Also, we provide the other services like CAD Designing, Printed Circuit Boards Layout and Printed Circuit Board Fabrication etc.


  1. In order to make sure the quality with respect to the accuracy, precision and reliability, we adhere to standard norms of quality. We have the most modernized machinery to achieve this goal. Moreover; we have the latest quality testing system on board to make sure that the product you got has the ability to satisfy your requirements .


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