The Fundamentals of IPC Inspection Guides

As we know that IPC is the international governing body for the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication quality standards. It is formerly known as the Institute of the Printed Circuits. Apart from that we are working and following up with the IPC-II standards in our organization, there is much you need to know about the Inspection guide lines of the IPC. It is used to test and match the final product with the standard product criteria. Let us break down the two IPCs:

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

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The first one is called IPC-A-600. In this part, the final product is to be matched by the physical looks with the standard. It should be noted that this class has nothing to do with the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication performance itself. It solely deals with the eye inspection about the tangible attributes.

The second one is referred as IPC-6012. It is actually the performance check class of the Rigid Printed Circuit Boards. Moreover; this class has further classified into three different sub classes, which are IPC class 1 (IPC-I), IPC class 2 (IPC-II) and IPC class 3 (IPC-III).

Class 1 is used for the devices which are intended to design for a limited time purpose. They are used for the quality check of such products. For example, a Printed Circuit Boards controller for the light turn on and off at a certain darkness level.

Class 2 is one stage upper in the Printed Circuit Board performance and design. In this part, the life time is bit extended and so the quality of performance. They are typically implemented like Televisions and other home appliances.

Class 3 includes the high performance, reliable, durable and there would be no chance of failure because they are used in very critical situations. For example, medical services, aerospace or defense, air flight operations and many more. This class is the highest of all the classes of the IPC Quality and Performance Standards.

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