Printed Circuit Board Components & Technology Use

Synergise PCB Inc give the best quality Printed Circuit Board Components & Technology Use products. This can’t be achieved by using the old machinery. That is why we are equipped with the most latest and modernized machines to manufacture the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

Printed Circuit Board Components & Technology Use - Synergisepcb
Printed Circuit Board Components & Technology Use

Automatic Sheeter: –

This machine is used to un roll the material which comes into the rolled form. At a certain stage the machine can measure the required length and then that length is cut off from the material stack

Automatic Screen Printer: –

We have the controllers’ controlled automatic device on board. The purpose of this machine is to print the certain graphics or layouts on the substrate with the help of mesh containing the ink.

High Magnification Microscope: –

We have this device which can handle the low magnification to convert it in to the high magnification power. We use this machine in order to maintain our promised quality standards.

Surface Finish Measurer: –

This machine is typically applied to check the close tolerances and surface finish measurements. Moreover; it has the facility to check other metrological parameters with the help of its multiple automated probes.

Coating Thickness: –

Our products are accurate and precise with the given dimensions. For this purpose to be achieved, we have the latest machines to check or verify the coating thickness on a PCB Design for ferrous or non-ferrous substrate.

CNC Drills: –

We do not use the conventional drill presses. Instead, we have the Computer Numeric Control Drill machines having the ability to precise drill holes at a faster rate.

X-ray Fluorescence Machine: –

This machine is used to inspect the final quality of the product.

Flying Probe Testing Machine: –

We make sure to provide the best of the quality. This machine can fulfill what we promised. Automated probes can deeply inspect your desired PCBs.


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