Printed circuit board & Assembly

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Printed circuit board & Assembly

Quality Tests at Synergise PCB Inc

In order to make sure the quality of the final product, we are pleased to apply the certain quality tests and checkups in between the production of Printed Circuit Board (PCB). In this article we will try to cover some of our quality assurance methods.

  1. Electrical Test: We make sure the proper work ability of the electrical components. For this purpose, we do certain electrical tests in order to make sure the overall good working of the product.
  2. Visual Inspection: For the sake of higher quality tests, our products have to meet or pass thru the Visual Inspection. If it does not go well, then the device or piece is straightaway rejected from our quality control team.
  3. Dimensional Inspection: Dimensional accuracy is really critical for any manufactured item. To overcome or control this issue, we have trained professionals and high reliability measuring gauges.
  4. Micro section test: This test is done by us in order to inspect the cross sectional view of the PCB plated holes.
  5. Solder ability Test: It is very necessary to check the conditions of soldering. It is totally not allowed to leave any soldering in a miserable condition. For this purpose, we apply the soldering test at about 245 degrees Celsius for about 5 seconds.
  6. Thermal Test: It is also being done to verify the thermal conditions and properties of the pc boards. It is done at around 288 degree Celsius for about 10 seconds.
  7. There are some other tests as well. Few are Tape Test (Adhesion Test), Peel Test (Conductor Peel Strength), Impedance Test and the Ionic Contamination Test etc.

In the end we will only say that we keep the customers values always on the top. There is no such thing like compromise when it comes to the standards and values practice.



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