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We are not going to list up all the PCB Design Software for the sake of the manufacturing of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and their counter parts like Flex Printed Circuit Board (FPC), Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards etc. We are just going to hit up the most common software in scope. Before going deep into it, we would like to tell that the correct design depends on two main factors: the appropriate choice of software and the user’s expertise on the relevant software. Below is some of the software used in this domain.

PCB Design Software

It is the one of the most used software in the PCB Designing. Beside its high cost, the designers still want to use this software because of its awe-inspiring features. It includes a schematic and PCB module, as well as an auto-router and differential pair routing features. It supports track length tuning and offers a 3D modeling feature.



It is mostly used for the advanced level of designing. The some of its features are DFM checking, group routing, advanced auto routing and 3d modeling etc. They are best suited for the high speed and high production designs. More About OrCAD


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Personal Automated Design System (PADS) is famous software in the eyes of the circuit boards designers. The unique features of this software are the thermal considerations and the project management features related with the electronics industry. It is relatively lower in cost as compared with its other counter parts.


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Pulsonix is a full featured PCB design suite. It includes a schematic capture module, a PCB layout module and an integrated SPICE simulation module. It has all the high end features expected of an advanced PCB layout software package, including track length tuning, differential pair routing and push shove routing. Also, it supports hierarchical schematics, which allow for complicated designs to be abstracted into subsystems at the schematic level.


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