Flexible circuit boards are high end products and their manufacturing and design requires adherence to standard processes and procedures. The manufacturing of flexible circuit boards involves standard etching technology process for the etching of copper layer on the printed circuit board. The conducting layer in the flexible circuit board is high end as it leaves the wire harness redundant.

At SynergisePCB Inc. we employ highly reliable technology for the etching process in the flexible circuits. We employ the polyimide etching technology and can produce circuits having conductors suspended in the polyimide film in the open window.

SynergisePCB Inc. have the ability to make use of both semi-additive and subtracting processing techniques for the additive process in the manufacturing of printed circuit board which help produce high quality trace patterns on the board. SynergisePCB inc. can produce trace and space patterns of .001” for copper layer.

At SynergisePcb we have standard capabilities of electroplating and precision imaging technology which provides the basis for highly reliable and effective selective plating. We also have the capabilities of manufacturing various kinds of flexible, contoured and rigid flex circuits through our use of standard instruments and machinery at our disposal.

A list of components available at our disposal at SynergisePCB is as follows,

  • Multi layer (Inner Process)
  • Hot Pressing 350 Ton M/C with 6 Opening
  • Registration Bonding Machine
  • Target Hole Drilling Machine (CCD type)
  • Orbotech 1450 AOI with Repair Station
  • Automatic Brown Oxide Treatment Line
  • Acidic Etching Line
  • Prepare Cutter
  • Copper Foil Cutter
  • Drilling Section
  • Cold Pressing M/C
  • Shearing Mchine
  • CNC Drilling Machine
  • Compressor with Dryer
  • Stack Master
  • The central dust collection System


At SynergisePCB Inc. we can take care of your wide range of design, shape, quality and efficiency requirements for the flexible printed circuit boards through our vast experience in this field of work and meeting the requirements and satisfaction of our wide range of clients all over the world. The instruments and technical ability at our hand can exceed the capability of any other firm in this field anywhere in the world. Our products are specialized with all manufacturing managed in United States of America under the strict and standardized methods of quality control, management, operation and customer support.


Synergise PCB Inc Leading Printed Circuit board Manfuacturer & Assembler in united states