Printed Circuit Board Industry

They are also applied in the Printed Circuit Board Industry as well. In this article, we will look briefly into the journey of the CAD to the CAM.

Journey from CAD to CAM

The manufacturing industries are pacing at an enormous rate. In fact, in every industry and manufacturing firms, the process of CAD/CAM is being followed. And of course,

Printed Circuit Board Industry

CAD(Computer-aided design)

CAD stands for Computer Aided Drawing in which the drawings of the circuit boards are drawn with the help of computer graphics. After the CAD, the certain software generates the codes for the manufacturing of this part. These codes are fed into the machine to manufacture the part automatically. This process is called CAM.


The step in the PCB CAM process is to read the files to check for any errors in the CAD file. If it sounds fit, then the process shifts to the next level, if not, and then there are amendments done on the CAD file again.


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