FPC Manufacturer – Types of Cable Ties

Leading FPC Manufacturer – Types of Cable Ties.In the numerous applications, cable ties otherwise known as zip ties or wire ties are utilized regularly. Yet, for right decision of these ties, we have built up this article will demonstrate to you the diverse sorts with the goal that you can pick the correct cable ties for the correct application.

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Miniature Cable Ties

They are the most strong cable ties and are most appropriate for the applications like light wires packaging.

Intermediate Cable Zip Ties

They are the solid cable zip ties utilized for the applications, as name proposed, for medium obligation wires packaging.

Standard Tie Wraps

Standard tie wraps are utilized as a part of the applications like medium to substantial obligation utilize where solidness is not traded off. They have great quality.

Heavy Duty Cable Ties

As the name proposes, they are most appropriate for substantial obligation applications.

Extra Heavy Duty Cable Ties

There is very little distinction between the additional overwhelming duty and substantial duty cable ties with the exception of that they are utilized as a part of more extraordinary applications.

Releasable Cable Ties

They are the flexible sort of link ties. The best thing about them is that they can be re utilized. They can be balanced by required application.

In-line Low Profile Cable Ties

They are ideal and most utilized as a part of the applications that require a parallel passage.

Stainless Steel Zip Ties

They are utilized to hold up under the high temperature conditions and the extraordinary variable burdens.

Metal Detectable Cable Ties

They are utilized as a part of the modern applications like nourishment and pharmaceutical. They are utilized to maintain a strategic distance from and distinguish any nearness of the metal that can make the tainting.  FPC Board Assembly Manufacturers



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