Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) is used to eliminate the complex PCB design and to enhance the design where shapes alteration is needed or happened during any certain process.

Flexible Printed Circuit Board
Flexible Printed Circuit Boards,is used to eliminate the complex PCB design

Flexible Printed Circuit Board Benefits:-

  • Size is significantly decreased because of the use of components in many directions.
  • It catches the signal very well and its response is much better than those of its PCB counterpart.
  • They can work well under the high temperature and where temperature stresses are developed due to the creep.
  • We can get rid of the mechanical connectors if we use the FPC.
  • Wiring and cables entanglement issue is reduced.
  • We can able to create more complex and denser circuit board design by using FPC design.
  • As the name suggests, it is more flexible than the conventional Printed Circuit Board.


The most common use of the FPC includes:

Automotive engine controls

Bar code equipment


Cell phones

Motion systems

GPS systems and satellites


The most common material used in Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) is Copper. It can come in Rolled Annealed (RA) copper and Electro Deposited (ED) Copper.

Other materials used are Aluminum, Carbon and Silver Ink. Constantan is sometimes also utilized in the FPC systems.

Inconel is an alloy of Nickel containing Iron and Chromium. It is also used in the FPC, when great performance is required on high and elevated temperatures and where temperature variation is common.


As the time passes, the Flex Printed Circuit Boards has become more advanced in its features. For the elevated temperatures application, most of the FPC now contains the Heat Sinks apart from using the good creep resistant materials.

Moreover; we can assemble more components in case of any special application using the Surface Mount Technique to an existing Flex Printed Circuit Boards.

In the future, more advancement is expected in the design and fabrication of flexible printed circuit board Canada.

About Flexible Printed Circuit Board
Flexible Printed Circuit Board Canada



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