Solder Mask:

pcb solder maskIn the PCB Design, Layout and Manufacturing, the companies or organizations uses the solder mask on the daily basis nearly. But before explaining the purpose of Solder Mask let us re call you some of the production features of the PC Boards. During the mounting of the electrical or electronics components on the Printed Circuit Boards, we need to take aid from the soldering in order to do this. For avoidance of the short circuits, the PCB manufacturers use the solder mask to paint or varnish both sides of the PCB to make it isolated.

Silk Screen:

pcb manufacturerOur Company, Synergise PCB Inc. provides the free Silk Screen and Solder Mask as well. The sole purpose of the Silk Screen is to facilitate the assembler or the third party user. The solder mask is printed with the silk screen with useful information and details. This is really useful and helpful for the users and the assembler. We can also print the company’s logo and details on it.

Layer Stack up:

pcb manufacturer usaThere are many questions asked nearly by every of our customers regarding the PCB Layers. Since we always claim it loud that we are specialized in multi layers PCB Design. Therefore; we take it in our responsibility to answer this for the assistance of our beloved customers. For example, if we say that a certain product is made up of 70 layers that mean it is made from the 70 conductive layers. Note that the non-conductive layers like those used in the Silk Screen and Solder Mask are exclusive. We use the latest technology and we design the PCB on CAD software prior to its fabrication. So it requires using the both conductive and non-conductive layers on software for the ease of the accuracy and precision. But those layers are not counted in the actual description of the products.

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